Grayson plays hickory golf to better his skills as a golfer. True golf is not about the equipment, rather about being creative with the club that is in your hand and the shot you want to play.  The club can be a modern steel shaft or a hickory stick.

Grayson won the 2014 Washington State Hickory Open at The Home Course on October 4th, 2014 with his impressive round of 76 which featured birdies on holes #10 & #11. After former PGA Tour player Jim Von Lossow won the 2015 state championship with his impressive round of 75, Grayson bounced back to win the 2016 hickory state championship with a course record 74. The round included birdies on #5 & #16.  74 also ties the tournament record set by Colin Gants in 1999 in relation to par.

To put these hickory golf rounds into perspective, Harry Vardon's average score during his 7 major championships was 76.9. Harry had no rounds in 60's and several rounds in the low 80's. Hickory golf is very challenging to say the least and also extremely fun because pars feel like birdies.

Here are the historical scores of The Washington State Hickory Open:

The State Champions


I         1993 Fred Smith                   81        Allenmore GC

II       1994 Colin Gants                   78        Allenmore GC

III      1995 John Henry Williams   75        Allenmore GC

IV       1996 Colin Gants                   76        Allenmore GC

V         1997 Colin Gants                   77        Allenmore GC

VI       1998 Colin Gants                   75        Allenmore GC

VII      1999 Colin Gants                   72        Jefferson Park 

VIII    2000 Robert Lorentzen          77       Jefferson Park 

IX        2001 Colin Gants                    75        Jefferson Park 

X          2002 Colin Gants                    77        West Seattle GC

           * 2003- 2013 no events were held*

XI        2014 Grayson Giboney           76      The Home Course 

XII      2015 Jim Von Lossow            75      The Home Course

XIII     2016 Grayson Giboney    74     The Home Course XIV 2017 Gabriel Tonan 75 The Home Course

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